Empowering Women to Live Their Best Lives


Developing positive health, head, and heart habits for sustainable, long-term well-being

I work with women who are peri-menopausal or menopausal to develop sustainable habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle for long-term wellbeing.

Our Founder

Annette Beuchler

An active athlete and sports enthusiast from an early age. In order to play structured sports, even in elementary school, I had to be consistent and persistent enough to overcome chronic bronchitis. I believe this made me a lifelong learner of the human condition.

Wellness Packages

90 Day Wellness Strategy

This is a three-month program for those beginning their wellness journey. We will meet virtually once a week to begin testing new strategies and learning the successes and challenges of achieving your goals.

Healthy for Life with H3

a three-month program, you decide what you need most. We meet regularly to help you stay on track and work through any challenges that may arise. We work on sustaining and maintaining the habits we prescribed in your H3 Recipe.

She/Her H3 Collective

A six month facilitated group program for women struggling with today’s health challenges. The group or Collective, meet virtually once a month to discuss a topic of interest chosen by the group or nominated by a member.

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